About me

Çisem Soylu is a multi-disciplinary artist that has a wide spectrum of expertise in art, illustration, graphic design, sculpting, photography, story telling, music and dance. Having studied in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Architectural Department, she has a background of both technical and artistic education. During her master degree in İstanbul Technical University Architectural Design Program, she spent a year abroad, namely in Lyon, to complete her research on semiotics of gender in architectural morphology. This year has gifted her with a lot of travelling across Europe, admiring architectural and artistic scenes, taking pictures, collecting stories and memories, improving her live sketching skills. In art, she mainly focuses on watercolors, oil, oil pastels, ink and dry pastels. She develops her graphic design projects using mixed methods of tangible art work with digital softwares, which constitutes her signature style. In photography, she is more into candid street scenes while occasionally enjoys portraits and concept shooting. She writes and illustrates fairy tales for adults. On the music corner, we can hear her in various projects. Originally a jazz singer, she also participates in ethnical or electronic pieces. She does Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz.