Graphic Design

Slashed and More...

This fresh and off beat Bristol Fashion Art Brand is gaining popularity with their signature design: Slashes! The logo was designed in collaboration with the artist to reflect the rebel character of her works. 

What's your name?

A photography exhibition that shares glimpses of queer lives need striking yet meaningful artwork. For this event, I have been inspired by the dillemma between the bold existence and the anonymity of the queer community in the urban life: like lip prints on walls…

Queer Shorts Vienna

For this exquisite event, I have designed a brand new font that is inspired by the transitivity of genders and sexualities. Setting out from this point, I have completed a social media package of profile pictures, headers, posts and stories. In addition to this, posters and merchandise. 

Divan and Divine

Zeynel’s album Divan and Divine was a compilation of traditional Turkish folk songs, prominently focused on justşce. The songs were by three great Turkish poets, Pir Sultan Abdal, Nesimi and Şah Hatayi. In designing the album visuals, I depicted them in the front, with the view of Munzur Mountain of Turkey in the back. The sun is shining with 40 spikes, which is a reference to the Alevi tradition. They are blindfolded to be fair, and reflect the anatolian landscape on their torsos. The blindfolds are lifted later on, for them to see the injustice in the world. The design was versatile, to be adapted for different needs. We see Şah Hatayi in front of the same background, which was produced for one of the single releases. 

Single Covers

I have designed several single covers for myself and other musicians. You can see some of them on the left.

They are all pictures made with oil, watercolor or ink, digitalised for photoshop; which is my process most of the time. I like to produce figurative images that contribute to the story of the song.