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Art and Design Portfolio

What I Do

Graphic Design

I am a seasoned graphic designer with years of experience. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I excel at creating visually compelling designs. Additionally, my skills in AutoCAD enable me to seamlessly transition between different vector software, enhancing my versatility and precision in design projects.

Fashion Design

I am a passionate fashion designer specializing in innovative and stylish denim, tops, and bottoms. I combine my artistic skills and design knowledge to create original collections. With a keen eye for trends and a commitment to quality and sustainability, I create unique pieces that blend creativity with practicality. 

Art and Illustration

I am a painter, highly skilled in watercolor, marker, and charcoal. I also work with oil and acrylic mediums, bringing a diverse range of techniques and styles to my artwork. My passion for painting complements my design work, enriching my creative perspective. I am proficient in using Illustrator for digital illustrations.

Modelling and Animation

I combine 3D modeling and animation skills using 3ds Max, Sketchup, Lumion, and Vray. I create lifelike models and export images and animations as required. Additionally, I use Animator and Premiere for animation tasks, continuously expanding my skills in this dynamic field.

Ui/Ux Design

As an architect, I bring a unique perspective to UI/UX design, leveraging my expertise in designing virtual spaces that are both functional and pleasing. I am proficient in using Figma, implementing proper asset systems and plugins. My artistic background and digital design skills enhance my ability.

About Me

I'm an artist driven by a passion for creative expression. In graphic design, I specialize in crafting captivating visuals using a wide range of tools that allow me to bring ideas to life with clarity and beauty. My journey extends beyond design into the realm of 3D modeling and animation, where I immerse myself in creating realistic models and dynamic animations that tell stories and evoke emotions. Beyond these digital realms, I find joy in sculpting, creating melodies as a musician, and expressing myself through dance. These diverse forms of artistry enrich my life and inspire my creative pursuits every day.

I studied architecture and pursued my master's degree in the field, which included enriching experiences abroad. Throughout my career, I have collaborated closely with clients from various countries and backgrounds, engaging in diverse projects spanning graphic design, architecture, and the arts. This global exposure has equipped me with a deep understanding of cultural nuances and a versatile skill set to deliver innovative and impactful creative solutions.

I believe in effective communication and a creative, strategic approach to work, ensuring that every project I undertake is not only visually striking but also achieves its intended impact.

Recent Works

Peaarl Single Cover and Animation

Queer Shorts Vienna Artwork
Telli Davul Event Calender
Logo design
Event T-Shirt

Divan and Divine Album Design

“Çisem created the cover art for the album Divine and Divan for us, and she was fantastic to work with! Beyond her fantastic artistic abilities, she was very accommodating to our label’s requirements and ideas, she made herself available, even across time differences, to help us ensure we met our deadlines and nothing was ever too much to do. She was a delight to work with from the beginning to end of the project.”
sarah wanstall - Productıon manager of arc musıc productıons
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"I don't know any other person in recent times who is so hungry for knowledge and experimentation. It takes both courage and madness to be creative and limitless in the face of changing and developing technology. I think very few people like Çisem can achieve this these days."
denız mahır kartal - musıcıan/producer