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Graphic Design

I create paintings with different mediums (watercolor, oil, ink, pastel, markers etc.) and transfer them to digital platforms in high quality to give their final, contemporary look.

Crafts is not dead! 

Haha! Well, who said it is? Nonetheless, I still find it valuable to let the material act on the canvas, as much as I do. And the result is always so fascinating. 

Combined with the facilities of today’s technology, traditional methods provide a very tasty and still up-to-date look.

For this design, I made a 50×50 oil painting of an androgenous figure, holding their heart and oozing through their cracks in front of a shelled bacground. Which reflects the theme of the song, unfolding. Also… You can click on the title to watch it move! 

I have carried out the album cover artworks for Zeynel’s Divan and Divine. The album was released by ARC of England. The design includes several symbols and connotations to Anatolian customs. 

For this exquisite event, I have designed a brand new font to represent the transitivity of countless genders and sexualities. I have carried out the visual design stages of social media posts and merchandise. 

I have designed the cover image for this song, which is a tribute to the magestically mysterious foxes of London. The painting was made with watercolor and markers to be digitalised.

Various Artwork

What I love most about art is that you can always discover new materials or techniques. Instead of going by the book and leading an already known path, I like to try and find how “I” communicate with the paint and brush and how “they” respond. 

It is definitely my favourite medium. I produce most of my art with watercolors. I sometimes sell the original, sometimes digitalise the work and produce prints. I also work with commission, as reproductions or original patterns. Click on the title for more!

This one you see is originally watercolor and markers on watercolor paper.  One of my favourite paintings and one of the print options you can find on my Etsy store. 

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A good fountainpen and live sketching skills are an architect’s best friend. I prefer to take them as lovers…

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Working in 3d is so much different from working on paper and I am intoxicated by the process. Would you like to have a statue or statuette I’ve made in your space?

There is something about photography that I simply adore. When you are taking a picture, for an expanded second or so, you diffuse into your surroundings and the surroundings seep into you. You become the capturer and the captured at the same time. That is what I love about photography and candid, street photography specifically. I have always lived in cities that I was in love with, maybe that has someting to do with it too.

I use mosty the latest version of Photoshop and sometimes Lightroom to master these shots. Click on the title for more!

Say "carrots"!

This is one of my absolute favourites! I took this one on a back street of Beyoğlu, İstanbul. I had just started taking pictures and this gave me so much joy and motivated me to do it more. 


I will always love taking pictures of Istanbul the most. Did you know you can swim there?

The void

I took this one in Kolumbia Museum, Cologne. If you could see them moving gently in the still void. 

Ah la la Marseille

I think Marseille is my favorite French city. It is both so pretty and so wicked at this time. Much like this odd angle I took, I guess.


In pursuit of my dream to become a red breasted robin, I started making music when I was 7 years old. “Life is resonance. With your voice, or your dancing, or the click of a camera or a drop of watercolor at the tip of your brush; I feel like I resonate with the world quite strangely.” I told the journalist during one of my imaginary interviews in shower. 

My lyrics are about love, longing, childhood, flowers. My inspiration may be anything that makes my soul giggle. Fascinated by the power of words, my style is poetic and symbolic. “I never reveal the story behind my lyrics, except for one time. I was drunk and wanted to look cool to a stranger.” I once confessed to a very confused subway passenger.

I have been in love with jazz since high school. I did enjoy Pink Floyd and Rod Steward but I wanted something more! I was later introduced to the swing era dances. Having found a new way to express and experience music, my orientation in musical performance was redefined as “a concerto of body and soul, music and movement.” My recent projects include more avant-garde pieces along with modern renditions of jazz standards. I sing and write songs, play the piano and the ukulele. I have a wide range of tones and colors.

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Peter Holmes is an amazing musician and human being. Every lyric I write becomes a magic spell with his melodies. Click on the title to listen!

How many people are lucky enough to work with one of their favourite musicians? Lyrics and vocal by me, music and production by Mahir. Click on the title to listen!

This has been a real surprise for me! Anatolian Psychadelic Pop, you say? Well then, bring it on! Click on the title to listen!

“Çisem is as strong as she looks. Which is very strong.”
İlber tutal
“Çisem is nice and very friendly gorgeus girl go girl”
Orçun Karamustafa